A student called the America's Emergency number 911 to solve the question of mathematics, he got the answer also

An American student called America's Emergency Number (911) to find out the solution to the question of mathematics. Interestingly, Antony, a female receiver who received the phone, helped the student to complete the homework. The student told the lady, I dont know how to solve the different questions, sorry to make such a call, but help me.

According to Antonia, working in the Emergency Helpline, solved child's questions is a memorable experience. He was quite upset, he told her about the worst day when he didnt solve the problem. After listening to his words, she became quite emotional and helped him.

The entire post of the incident has been posted on the Tweeter by the audio police. In which the child is also apology after making a call. According to the American police, Antonia is working in the emergency center since April 2016. They don't know about about the callers. The information about where the child is located is not recorded.

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