Amit Shah on Congress ‘dynasty’; ‘Brother not married, so sister has come’

BJP president Amit Shah Tuesday claimed the prime minister’s seat is reserved “by birth” in the Congress, wondering if a worker from that party could ever think of occupying the top post.

As the “brother” (Rahul Gandhi) has not married, so now the “sister” (Priyanka Gandhi) has come (in the political arena), Shah said.

Shah claimed that in the BJP, a common booth worker like him could rise to the rank of party president and a ‘chaiwala’ (Modi) could became the prime minister.

“I was a booth worker of the BJP. I rose to be the party president. The chaiwala has become the prime minister of the country, rising through the ranks,” Shah said, addressing party workers here.

“Can any party worker from Congress ever think of becoming the prime minister? In that party that seat is reserved by birth,” he said.

A BJP worker need not take birth in a specific family to occupy high posts, he added.

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