‘If I was born before Godse, I would have killed Gandhi’, says Dr. Pandey

Dr. Pooja Shakun Pandey, who was in the news by recreating the assasinaton of Mahatma Gandhi on his death anniversary by aiming a pistol at Gandhiji's flex, kicked up another fresh row. She was arrested by UP police along with her husband and 11 others and registered a case.

Dr. Pandey, who is Professor in Mathematics and national secretary Akhil Bharatiya Hindu Mahasabha has said that, if she was born ahead of Nathuram Godse, she would have killed Mahatma Gandhi with her own hands. She also issued a warning to followers of Father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi, and said that she would shoot anyone if they try to be another Mahatma in this Independent India. Dr. Pandey also blamed Gandhi for the partition of the country and killings of several lakhs of Hindus during the Partition.

"If I was born before Godse, I would have killed Gandhi with my own hands. He was responsible for the division of India and killings of several lakh of Hindus during Partition. I will murder anyone who talked about further division of the country," announced Dr. Pandey.

Dr. Pooja Shakun Pandey has been appointed as the self-styled judge of Hindu Courts by the Hindu Mahasabha, in response to Shariat Courts being set up by the All India Muslim Personal Law Board.

She believes that Mahatma Gandhi should not be called Father of the Nation. "I don't know how he was bestowed the title. A father never divides his two sons. The title should be withdrawn from the man who was responsible for killings of so many Hindus during partition,” she said.

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