This beautiful female player of Pakistan is crazy for this young batsman of India

Pakistan has so many young and beautiful players. Today, we will talk to you about a female player from Pakistan who likes an Indian Batsman very much, but before that, we'll know about her profession and her.

Let me tell you the beautiful woman player you are seeing in pictures is Syeda Mahpara. She is a very beautiful player from Pakistan. She is a goalkeeper from pakistan football team.

You must have seen that all the media persons often ask the players of Pakistan that which player from India they like the most. In such an interview with Syeda Mahpara, She replied that "I love playing cricket too and if I talk about Indian cricketers, then I like Virat Kohli's batting very much."

The matter is not over yet, she also said that he follows Virat Kohli much more and she also likes him. She is a big fan of Virat Kohli. It has become clear that all the players in India are highly preferred in foreign countries and they have millions of fans.

After this reaction of the player, many people also opposed her, but this woman player did not take back her words and kept her words straight. She said that liking someone is not wrong, I just like Virat's batting and nothing more than that.

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