Why Beautiful Women Have Ugly Boyfriends : Reasons

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Men wonder why some beautiful women end up with guys with average looks. Generally, men during their younger years, do a lot to look attractive. And when they see some beautiful women falling for average guys, they wonder what women want.Yes, it isn't easy to understand what women want. And we can never generalise what all women want. But if you sit at the beach and watch every couple that comes there, you may realise that not all beautiful women are paired with handsome men.Here are some reasons why beautiful women have ugly boyfriends.

1.A recent study concluded that women care less about looks. They care more about many other important aspects in a man.

2.For men, attraction is totally physical. And this is why many surveys indicate that men pay a lot to watch naked pics on the web.

3.The mechanism of attraction in women is pretty complex. Like men, they simply can't have any fun with just a few naked pictures. They need a lot more than that. They need fifty shades of grey.

4.In a survey, most of the women claimed that more than physical appearance, they get attracted to strong character traits.

5.Now, you must be wondering whether women don't like broad shoulders and handsome looks. Well, they do like all of them only if the guy also has a great personality and character. He needs to be smart, intelligent and should also have something else in him apart from looks.

6.Also, women like to be desired strongly by a man of powerful character. So, if a guy is smart, has inner strength and is trust worthy, he can surely have a beautiful woman even if he has average looks.

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