Why India does not seal the entire border with Pakistan - Know

Today we will tell you about the international border between India and Pakistan, why our country does not seal the entire border with Pakistan, then what is the reason behind it.

Indeed, the border of Pakistan and India is very long, on which the mountain rivers, the waterfalls, the sea, etc. are often included. You may have seen this that the government of other countries sealed the border with the whole way but it is not so in our country. You have a dispute about the boundary between India and Pakistan since independence, due to which no country seals its border. The border of India and Pakistan is located not only in one state but in different states like -

Rajasthan border in India -
The border of India-Pakistan spreads to 1037 kilometers in Rajasthan. Thar desert of Rajasthan goes to the southeastern part of India and Pakistan. Experts believe that this section has a border of 32 km in advance, which has not been fencing due to the difficult conditions prevailing here.

India border in Pakistan -
In Gujarat, there is a 508-km long international border which divides India and Pakistan. Here only 262 km long border can be fenced and due to the geographical conditions of this area.

Border of India - Pakistan in Jammu Kashmir -
Crossing the 1225-km border of India-Pakistan through Jammu Kashmir, which has 740 km long LoC. There is a 200-km international border in Jammu which separates India and Pakistan. There are many rivers and mountains that make border sealing very difficult. In such a way, sealing the border on these rivers will not be easy to seal.

So now you know why India's border between India and Pakistan does not seal India completely.

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