BJP mocks Congress chief on Twitter, says ‘Rahul Gandhi can’t wake up in the morning’

Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is leaving no stone unturned to mock Congress President Rahul Gandhi. Today, BJP took a jibe at Rahul by tweeting that the latter can’t wake up in the morning. Congress was supposed to address the media today at 10:15 AM at the party headquarters but it was postponed to 1 PM, just minutes before the press meet was to begin.

However, members of the Congress party came to Rahul’s rescue and All India Congress Committee secretary Pranav Jha tweeted, “Dear BJP, Shri Rahul Gandhi is not only up in the morning, he is also attending the Core Committee meeting since 9:15 AM . And if you are interested in knowing the committee could also be discussing how to prosecute the conniving chowkidars in the government.”

Even Congress Twitter handle was quick and tweeted, “Morning, noon or night, we’d be happy to hear ChorChowkidar give a press conference – that is, if he’s able to.”

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