In order to help the voters Helpline number:- 1950

Mumbai 21: - The Election Commission of India has come up with the helpline number in order to facilitate the voters in Loksabha elections. Under this helpline number, 15 help centers have been established, so that the voters can ever get information easily.

Since model code of conduct comes into effect in the country, the citizens are using this helpline for the information. The calls are being received. Out of these calls, most of the calls are for inclusion of the name in the voters list. The helpline has been started in all the districts for 24 hours. Various complaints of voters are resolved through this helpline number.

Features of  Helpline number

• Provide information to citizens on election and voting from time to time.

• Guidance on various voters' issues with new voter registration

• Guidance on how to register in a voting list, if you want to change in the voter identity card or you have shifted.

• All information related to Voter ID card and voting application is available

• Information in all three languages-Marathi, Hindi and English.

• Any complaint pertaining to the election can be registered on the

• Set up of State Contact Center at state level and similarly district contact center at the district level

            With help of the helpline number, it is made easy to get information related to the registration of voters. Details about individual information in the voters' list, polling station, booth level officer, the contact numbers of election registration officer and district electoral officer can be found in the voters Helpline mobile app or portal or helpline number 1950.

The following information can be obtained on the 1950 helpline:

(i) ECI <EPIC Number> <0 (for answer in English) or (for the answer in the regional language) <1.

(ii) ECIPS <EPIC NUMBER> by doing this, the EPIC number holder voter will get the address of the polling station.

(iii) ECICONTACT <EPIC NUMBER> the voters will get answers with contact details of booth level officers, election officer and district election officer.

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