Did John Abraham really pick up the bike in the film force, know here

John Abraham is an actor who is known for his action scenes. By the way, John Abraham has given action sequences in many films, but he gave an action scene in the film Force that surprised everyone.

Let us tell you that in the Force, fighting John Willen, he had picked 143 kg 150cc pulsars. After watching John's action scene, many people said that this action scene was furious, but today we are going to tell you its truth.

The director of the film Force spoke to John as a challenge but after two attempts, John really did the trick to lift the bike. Many people believed this event was wrong during the shooting, but during a function, John had shown this fact really and had seen the 125 cc bike lifted on his shoulder.

Last year John Abraham's film Nuclear and Satyamev Jayate were released at the box office, both of these films were liked by the audience.

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