Europe's largest warship in the Arabian Sea!

Charles de Gaulle, the largest aircraft carrier in Europe, has recently landed in the Arabian Sea. India and France naval drills are being done in the sea of ​​Goa. These paces are organized by the Western Naval Command, which is headquartered in Mumbai. For this, the French naval ship arrived at Marmagova on Wednesday.

During the Navy of India and France, 'Varun 1.91' and 'Varun 1 9.2' have been organized. For both of these exercises, the Charles de Gaulle boats have crossed the 7100-km distance from the sea-bottom Sandy boat in France to the Arabian Sea. There is no craft of warships with any aircraft carrier. Likewise, with Charles de Gaulle, FNS Fortune and FNS Provence Destruction as well as FNS Lot-Trively frigate, a fuel tank tanker and a nuclear submarine. All such warships are deployed in the Arabian Sea.

The INS Vikramaditya, which has an Indian navy face with these warships, will be participating in the aircraft carrier. To provide Vikramaditya, the fuel vessel will be involved in the Innovation of the Mumbai-based Advanced Destruction, INS Rational, Freegate, INS Shankul and INS Deepak.

The first phase of 'Varun 1 9 .1' has been started on the coast of Goa and it will end on May 10. It will mainly exchange exchanges for the security of the coastal areas from both the countries. During this, both the naval coastline will study new safety measures. 'Varun 19.2' drill will be at the end of May in the sea of ​​African countries. The Indian boats will leave for this.

This is the FNS Charles de Gaulle

FNS Charles de Gaulle, which is 42,500 tons and 261.50 meters long. This is the only nuclear utility boat operating on the surface of the United States. Indian Navy officials will get the opportunity to know about the technique of this vessel. 

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