Galaxy A80 is the latest Samsung device to ditch the headphone jack

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Ever since Apple ditched the 3.5mm headphone jack, many Android manufacturers have gained the unnecessary “courage” to do the same. Samsung is one of the last major brands to stick with the jack, even proudly flaunting it during product announcements. Even the Korean tech giant doesn’t have a perfect record here as it has launched few devices without a headphone jack in recent times.

The Galaxy A80 is the latest Samsung device to ditch the legacy audio jack. It joins the likes of the Galaxy Fold, Galaxy A8s, Tab S5e, and other Samsung devices in doing so. Though the company has not officially confirmed the reason behind the removal of the jack on the A80, it most probably has to do with the space constraints imposed by the new sliding design.

To be fair, unlike most other manufacturers, the Korean company has been skipping the jack only when the device’s design and dimensions necessitate it. The fact that the company chose to retain it on its flagship Galaxy S10 series is a testament to this strategy. However, as the company tries to experiment with new designs and form factors, the absence of the 3.5mm headphone jack on Samsung devices is bound to become increasingly common than many of its fans would like.

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