Man Orders Food In Chennai And Swiggy Picks It Up From A Restaurant In Rajasthan

Food delivery Portals are often bear the burnt of sending delayed orders and incorrect orders and they try to give their best to minimize the mistakes and keep their customers happier by sending good and correct food to them. But this time different case was happened a customer orders food in Chennai and Swiggy picks it up from a restaurant in Rajasthan.

So here is the reason because of which all this happens!!
A man ordered food from a nearby restaurant in Chennai but Swiggy detected it as being ordered from Rajasthan restaurant. This time good customer service has been taken a bit too far as Swiggy tried to deliver a food order from Rajasthan to Chennai, it sounds quite funny but no Kidding!!

Bhargav Rajan a Twitter user tweeted a picture showing that a person ordered food from a restaurant nearby but Swiggy detected it as being ordered from an eatery in Rajasthan and he twitted that wow @Swiggy_in what are you driving?

The order was just for 138 Rs and after the tweet of Ranjan, Swiggy replied to the customer on the post in a funny way saying that We’ll fly to the moon and back for our customers’ and they also said they’d look into the matter. However, it is very funny to look at the picture of the map that shows the order from Rajasthan to Chennai!

According to Swiggy, this was one of the Google map glitches in which the customer care service of Swiggy responded humorously and they said that in all seriousness they highlighted this issue and taken it seriously and are actively working on to avoid such mishaps in the future.

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