Man who stole 100 cars over two decades held with toy pistol

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On Wednesday evening, two men from Maruti Suzuki Brezza, a member of the Argent Group, were surrounded by a team of nine Shahdara district police officers. On the wheel, Kunal (40), who had stolen about 100 new cars over the last two decades, did not want to give up. He turned around and found a police car and passed the three officers to hit another vehicle. At this point, Inspector Rohtash realized how serious the situation was. "Kunal's criminal record showed that he had already shot at the police in the past," he said.

Kunal got out of the car, swayed a heavy iron bar and injured three policemen. Then he pulled out a pistol, but Rohtash controlled him. "Fortunately, he used a toy pistol," Rohtash said.

The anti-theft system in Shahdara District finally arrested Kunal and his partner Shahid for stealing more than 100 cars. DCP (Shahdara) Meghna Yadav said Kunal was well known in the district for stealing cars at night and letting the carriers go.

Kunal has 21 cases against him. Police said he escaped arrest with plastic surgery and changed his name and address. It goes through many pseudonyms, the last being "Bhoothnath", said the police.

Police say it takes less than five minutes to steal a car. He wears a black mask and gloves and gets clues about the theft of the car by looking at the serial numbers on the windshield.

Police said they were using strong magnets to disable the steering wheel lock systems, heavy iron bars to break the doors, and a pre-coded electronic control module to bypass the vehicle's security system. Police said he even made educational videos about car theft on YouTube.

"The cars he stole recently were models from 2019. We need to determine who he sold the stolen vehicles to," Yadav said. The police have recovered four Brezza cars and expect them to track other vehicles as they track down the addressee.
In order to locate the accused, the police contacted his family and found that they refused him after committing a crime.

He was arrested a few years ago and detained at the R R Park Police Station. Kunal allegedly wrote a letter in which he was ashamed to lift a car and attempted to commit suicide in prison before being rescued by the police. He was stolen after escaping.

Arrested on Wednesday and taken to Anand Vihar police station, the officials were curious to know how he was approaching. The team asked him to open a locked car for the demonstration. "He opened it in four minutes," an officer said.

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