Narendra Modi wave 2.0 sweeps BJP towards the victory

DNALive24 : New Delhi, Ashish Kumar

1. Every party of the opposition is failing ahead of the tsunami of PM Modi

2. People showed confidence, BJP on clear majority on their own.

3. Modi is the biggest and charismatic leader in the NDA, not only in the party

4. Modi is heavily influenced by tremendous election campaign, public access and clear policy

Once again the Modi government. Yes, this slogan was tossed by BJP during the election campaign. According to recent trends, the BJP-led NDA seems to be crossing the 300-seat mark. It is clear, therefore, that no issue of opposition has got tucked ahead of Modi wave 2.0. Like 2014, BJP, which is contesting the Lok Sabha elections under Narendra Modi's leadership, is heading for a glorious win and it can get a clear majority on its own. Modi magic is being seen in states like UP, Bihar, Maharashtra and Bengal too. Let's understand how the BJP's lead led by NDA has been projecting Prime Minister Narendra Modi as the country's biggest charismatic leader.

Modi gave his five-year statement.

During the election campaign, Prime Minister Narendra Modi not only presented the report of the development work of his five years in front of the public, but he also appeared in the Congress and UP and also against the alliance of 'Bua-babua' and Mamta in Bengal. The effect of his political attacks was that the opposition parties seemed to defy themselves for the next one or two days. Dynasty, corruption, foreign policy, national security were some of the major issues on which Prime Minister Narendra Modi has consistently targeted opposition parties including Congress.

The result of the massive support of the people in favor of Modi is that he has remained unquestionably the biggest leader in the NDA supporting 39 parties. On one hand Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu's party TDP, though out of the NDA, came in Bihar with JDU coming back with BJP. By breaking the ties with the PDP in Jammu and Kashmir, BJP gave a message of not compromising on strict policy on terrorism. It was said at one time that if BJP fails to achieve a majority on its own, it may be that the allies want to give any other leader the Prime Minister but as soon as the election campaign is over, Modi's choice in the BJP and the entire NDA They were created only. After a spectacular victory in the 2019 Lok Sabha election, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will also emerge as a big leader and take tough decisions.

Wide publicity style

Rally of Prime Minister Narendra Modi was also fixed on the basis of BJP's internal survey. After the Uttar Pradesh in Modi's focus, there were states like Bengal and Odisha where he had the largest number of rallies. Modi's best efforts were that more than half of the Bengal's 42 seats were given to the BJP. Political violence was also seen here but the positive impact of PM Modi's rallies is being seen by the number of seats in favor of the party. Together with an election strategist like BJP president Amit Shah, PM Modi prepared a comprehensive framework for all the states. Focusing on enhancing new masses with allies and keeping their voters in every state.

Specializes in reaching out to the public

After the Pulwama terror attack, India entered Pakistan and killed a large number of terrorists by air strikes in Balakot. During the election campaign, PM Modi managed to convince the public that BJP can answer the issue of terrorism on zero while working on tolerance. Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave confidence to the people of the country that they can take bigger decisions, taking big decisions like 'striking' in space. During this time, BJP has been able to explain its point of view on the issue of Ujjwala scheme, electricity to all, doubling of farmers' income, section 35A. At the same time, when Congress talked of ending treason law and weakening of AFSPA, the BJP attacked it on the ground.

Modi's 'Brahmastra' on every attack of Opposition

Though the election slogans, posters, promotions have been coming in advance, but after 2014 there is a great modernity. This time BJP has been able to go ahead and manage young voters on their platforms. When the Congress slogan slogans 'Watchman Chor Hai', Modi immediately launched a new campaign on Twitter by writing himself as a "watchman" on Twitter. The PM, in turn, attacked the opposition and asked those who worked in their respective areas to become 'watchmen'. In the large number of social media and election campaigns, 'I am also a watchman' campaign was successful. Campaigning like 'Modi is possible' and 'Come on, Modi only' played a big role in increasing people's trust in Modi. At the time when people think of making comparisons with Modi as their substitute, they do not see such confidence in any opposition leader.

Eralier it was modi's magic, now its tsunami

In 2014 elections, Narendra Modi first came to the center of politics, during the election campaign saw a wave in Modi's favour and the result remained the same. This time, in view of the anti-incumbency factor and opposition attacks on all issues, it was believed that Narendra Modi could get a tough fight. However, as soon as Modi's rallies took place, Modi's magic grew in the country and the opposition, already scattered, struggled against its existence. After the elections of seven phases, exit polls clearly said that the tsunami of Modi has demolished all the 'walls' of the opposition. People have believed in the resolution of making Modi a new India. Despite the formation of the SP-BSP and RLD in the 80-seater state UP, they did not get much damage to the BJP due to Modi's stature. It was clear from the rallying crowd that even after 5 years, the public has faith in Modi.

In 2014, Narendra Modi was successful in implementing the votes cast on the basis of caste in Hindi-speaking states. This time, even though strong people like SP, BSP and RLD tried to formulate a new equation in UP, it is clear from the trends that even the true voters have expressed their confidence in the BJP. It is a threat to regional parties and leaders who contest elections with their caste vote base.

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