The police constable arrested for accepting a bribe


A constable of Yerwada police station, arrested for accepting a bribe of Rs 5,000 from the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) of the Anti-Corruption Bureau, arrested five people for not taking action against mobile theft case. The bribe police constable named Karim Mohammad Sharif Sheikh (age-47, Yerwada police station). In this connection, a 24-year-old man from Saneswadi, Nareshwar Road, had lodged a complaint with the ACB.

Prosecutors are a business conductor and they run their own four-star tempo. He bought a second hand mobile at a price of Rs 4,500 from a mobile shop in Sanesswadi. On one such day, Sheikh called her from Yerwada police station.

After the prosecution went to Yerwada police station, Havildar Shaikh said that he is a mobile theft, and the woman whose mobile has gone, twenty thousand ornaments have also been stolen, you said that they should be all returned. At this time, the plaintiff said that I did not steal the mobile but bought it from a person named Dharmadra Singh.

At that time, if you give me ten thousand rupees by Sheikh, if you do not erase everything, then you will be arrested. Dharmendra Singh deposited Rs 5,000 on April 20 on the account given by Havaldar Shaikh. However, the prosecution did not agree with this because they complained to the ACB.

Accordingly, after investigating the panchayat, trapped the trap, Hukaldar Sheikh arrested Dhekhaith while accepting a bribe of Rs. 2,000. Meanwhile, this is the fourth incident of eight days in the city and rural police forces. The action was taken by the team of deputy superintendent of police Pratibha Shendge, inspector Raju Ghavan, constables Sunil Shelke and Abhijit Raut.

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