These 2 Mistakes are Reason of Your Weakness ,1st Mistake is Quite Dangerous.

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Nowadays people eat fast food and junk food instead of eating the home's pure food. Thereby, the body does not get sufficient nutrients and energy. And the body becomes weak and lean. The body is always tired due to weakness. And nobody likes to do any work. Apart from this, nowadays boys make some such mistakes in daily life, due to which the body never get too fat. Let's know about such mistakes. These 2 mistakes will not let your body become thicker. The first mistake is quite dangerous.

1. Being in a lot of stress
People who always live in extreme stress. They do not look hungry at all. And does not feel like eating anything. In such a way, the body does not get enough nutrients and energy. And the body becomes lean and weak.

2. Performing the same exercise daily in the gym
Those who do the same exercise hours daily in the gym. Like someone lifes daily weight for biseps. So by making such a mistake, the arms become weak. And there is weakness within the body too. Because of which the body becomes lean and thin.

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