Things That Really Attracts A Man To A Woman

There are some things that will draw their attention like a moth to a flame in the beginning and then there are some other traits that keep their interests burning in the long run as well.Here are some things that really attracts a man to a woman.

1.General body type: As mentioned before physical appearance tops the list that attracts men initially. And do not blame even women do care about it when it comes to choosing partners, it's just that men are about more particular about it.

2.Fun loving and spontaneous: Men look for a person with whom they can let their guard down, with always worrying about what's appropriate and what's not. Do silly things together, laugh out loud and just be you.

3.Independence: well even women do not like a needy, clingy person and same is with men. They like women who do not suffer from insecurities and have their own interests and are passionate about them.

4.Confident: Men like women who know what they want for themselves and also do not need a constant reminder of her worth. A confident woman whom he can confidently take to his family and friends, who makes him feels proud like he would want her to feel for him.

5. Femininity: Femininity absolutely does not mean vulnerability. It is about embracing your womanhood. Look pretty and be strong, be the nurturing kind and not manipulative.

6.Intelligence: Intelligence is sexy but a know-it-all person is a big turn off. Men would like to be with a woman with whom they can have a healthy conversation without having a battle of wits.

7.Encouraging: Men often do need a boost to their ego especially from their significant other. They need to feel that they are needed from time to time.

8.Gives them their space: A woman who does not creates a fuss about a boys night out and even more is supportive of it is a real catch for men. Happily let him enjoy his time with friends and genuinely mean it to so that he does not feel trapped and he will not want to go free from you, as simple as that.

9.Adaptable: Everyone like a person who goes with the flow, so do men. Don't always play hard- to- get with him.

These are the things that really attracts a man to a woman.

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