This is only the beginning ... Show must go on : Modi has spoken

'Jash-e-Mohammed' leader Maasud Azhar is the biggest victory of the United Nations to declare international terrorist. This is the result of collective strength of 55 million people. This is just the beginning ... look forward to what it is ... ', Prime Minister Narendra Modi said today.

He was speaking while addressing a public meeting here. 'Masood is late to declare a terrorist, but justice has been done,' Modi said this time. Modi thanked the countries which supported India's war against terrorism. On the occasion of Masood, Modi made a concert on the Congress.

'Some years ago, the government of India used to run on a remote control. The Prime Minister's voice did not reach the government. On the contrary, today's situation is. Today the whole country has seen what happened in the United Nations.

Twenty-five crore people in the country are roaming in the United Nations. This is the new India. Whose voice is heard in the whole world, 'Modi also said. 

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