Three more deaths due to heat in Ahmednagar

The heat wave has spread across the district since last week and this year has been the highest in the growing temperature. Three deaths have been reported in the district this past due to the increasing temperature. Now, in the Karjat and Shrigonda talukas, there are three more deaths due to heat loss.

A woman died of heat stroke in Parner taluka a few days ago. After this, Chandrakant Raut of Padgaon in Shrigonda taluka is also discussing death due to heat stroke. After working throughout the day on Monday, they began to experience vomiting.

He died on the night while undergoing treatment at Shrigonda. Similarly, Balu Navale from Chilwadi, Karjat taluka, while going to the camp on the evening of the work on the field, he was pronounced dead and died suddenly. In the second incident, Ganesh Shinde of Rashin died due to sudden fever. Both of them are suspected of having died due to heatstroke.

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