Towards Holistic Health: An Encounter between Yoga and Christian Healing

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No one can deny the fact that the Church in India is as old as Christianity itself. Christianity in India grew within the socio-cultural contexts of India. It is rooted in the Indian culture and traditions. In India, down through the centuries, the Church continued her healing mission, especially through faith, Word and sacraments. Church in India is also very aware of the need of health care in India. In the long process of healing ministry, many have tried to integrate Indian healing techniques into the Christian healing ministry. Today, many are aware of the need for inculturation. It has become a landmark of union between people and religions. It is in the line of inculturation we speak of an integral view of yoga and Christian healing. Hence we speak of adaptation which can enrich our Christian living. Today, there is a great demand for yoga; especially people in the West tend to discover its importance. At the same time, when we integrate yoga into Christian life, we must be careful too. The Church says that most often Christians are attracted to yoga because of its therapeutic reason. However, we need to accept the fact that yoga can help us to achieve holistic health and it is a spiritual discipline that can be applied by anyone. Moreover, today, many find common features in Christian spirituality and yoga spirituality.

Health has a social finality. It means that in the society, we need the cooperation and interdependence of people in the field of health care. We have a responsible duty towards our neighbours well-being. Everybody can play a vital role in bringing wholeness and health to all humanity. Social responsibility appeals to everyones ability and generosity to serve the fundamental social groups of family and society. In the society, we all work together to meet physical and mental needs of the people. Hence everybody has their own part to contribute to society. Therefore, we have a task to bring wholeness to the people of our society. Hence, it attests to the cooperation and inter-dependence of people in the fields of nourishment, housing care, etc. Therefore, it demands a social responsibility.

Health is both an individual and social good. We need to know that bodily life is a gift of God. In the Holy Scripture the long life is considered as a blessing. With long life I will satisfy them (Ps 91: 16). However, everyone has got a personal responsibility that life is given to man not at his will but in stewardship. Therefore, bodily life and health are good entrusted to man by God. Hence man has a personal responsibility to take care of his health. It is the responsibility of every human person to strive for holistic health. Dr. Elson Haas recommends certain ways to holistic health. He gives certain practical advices regarding proper in taking of nutritious food to nourish ones health. He also advises a balanced diet of wholesome natural foods and highlights the needs for drinking the good water to keep one healthy. Moreover, one has to exercise regularly, sleep well and relax. Moreover, one needs to love oneself and love others. Hence it is ones personal responsibility to keep oneself healthy.

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