Two Arrested For Robbing Mumbai Jeweller Of Over Rs. 1 Crore

DNALive24 : Mumbai
On Saturday, two people were arrested for allegedly stealing money and jewelry worth more than 200 rupees. a crore from a jeweler's shop in Mahim.

According to the police, the defendant, one of whom was a jewelery employee, tied the owner and attacked him with arrows, jewelry, a mobile phone and a licensed revolver of the victim before fleeing. .

The unit V of the crime department, responding to a clue, recovered Rana Purohit and Pukhraj Bhil from Vasai in the neighboring district of Palghar, said one official.

While the complaint stated that objects valued at 85.63 Rs. Had been stolen, the official said the recovery of both defendants had reached the level of Rs. 1.90 crore.

Rana and Bhil have been charged with indictment of the Indian Penal Code and other relevant provisions.

They were detained until 9 May.

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