UIDAI to roll out Aadhaar update feature in 2019

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Aadhaar has become one of the most important documents in India. It is used as ID proof, age proof and address proof widely across the country. As per the Aadhaar 6th amendment regulations, 2018, date of birth of the resident can be updated only once in the Aadhaar. name of the resident can be updated twice while gender can be updated once.

In case the name, date of birth or gender has to be updated more than the prescribed limit, residents can do so through an exception handling process which might require them to visit the regional office of UIDAI. It may be noted that change of date of birth is allowed to a maximum of plus or minus three years of the date recorded at the time of Aadhaar enrolment.

As per UIDAI, residents who submit the prescribed document for date of birth, their date of birth is recorded as verified. In case the resident does not provide any prescribed proof of date of birth, their date of birth is recorded as declared or approximate. However, for an update of date of birth in Aadhaar, the resident is required to submit any of the prescribed documents to prove their date of birth.

Updation rules you need to know

1. Update request received from residents for change of date of birth from declared/approximate to verified will be allowed one in a lifetime, irrespective of range/limit of change. The resident needs to submit the prescribed documents as proof for the same.

2. Update request received from the resident for change of DoB whose date of birth is already verified will not be allowed. In case the date of birth is to be updated when it is already verified, it can be done through an exception handling process which may require the resident to visit UIDAI's regional office.

Exceptional Handling Process:

1. The resident may update the name, DoB o Gender over and above the prescribed limit or restriction as the case may be from any of the Aadhaar Enrolment/Update centres in their area. All registrars of UIDAI facilitate same irrespective of restrictions mentioned.

2. In case the update requires exception handling process, the resident may send their request through exception handling process to the respective regional office through mail or post along with a copy of URN slip, Aadhaar detail and relevant proof documents. Resident can also call 1947.

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