Ganeshotsav 2019 Special Modak Recipes: From Chocolate Modak to Dry Fruits Modak, Here's List of Different Varieties of Ganpati Bappa's Favourite Sweet Dish

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Ganeshotsav 2019 will begin with Ganesh Chaturthi on September 2 this year. One of the most-awaited festivals among the Hindu, everyone loves welcoming their favourite Lord, Ganpati Bappa into their homes. Celebrated as the birthday of Lord Ganesha, it is celebrated with much pomp and fervour by all the devotees. People bring in an idol of Lord Ganesha with much excitement, perform elaborate worship, make special delicacies and sweet dishes to offer their beloved Bappa as prasad. Ukadiche Modak is one of the most common and believed to be a favourite of Ganpati. So on the first day of Ganeshotsav, almost everyone prepares the sweet to offer as prasad to him.

The most common form, the Ukadiche Modak are made with rice flour and loaded down with ground coconut and jaggery. They are then steamed. These sweet dumplings are offered to the god as prasad. To add more to its taste, a little ghee is put over the modaks. Ahead of Ganesh Chaturthi 2019, we tell you other unique types of Modaks which are available in the market.

Chocolate Modak: If you love chocolates and modaks then this is a combination that you will love. Although there won't be a filling inside these dumplings, they are made of chocolates only. You can also get a mix of white and dark chocolate modaks in the market.

Malai Modak: Malai Modak is often referred to as Paneer modak since it is made of condensed milk. These are quick and easy to make, once you have your ingredients in place. They also taste delicious and are offered as prasad to Lord Ganpati. 

Chana Dal Modak: As the name suggests, it is made with rice flour and Bengal gram flour. It still has the traditional filling of coconut and jaggery but there is a difference in the taste with the change in flours. Chana Dal modaks are more commonly made in South India.

Coconut Modak: Most modak recipes have grated coconut and jaggery mixture as the filling, coconut modaks are made of the desiccated coconut itself. They also have condensed milk and stuffed with Gulkand/rose petal preserve and nuts. So this is a little different from all the other modaks, since it does not have a separate flour coating.

Dry fruits Modak: These are one of the most nutritious kinds of modaks as they have heavy on dry fruits. A mixture of nuts, dates, raisins and dry coconut is prepared and then shaped into modak using moulds. Depending upon your choice of favourite dry fruits, you can prepare a mixture.

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