‘Ramayan’ DID NOT break any world records; Here’s the show which actually had the highest viewership!

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Ramanand Sagar’s ‘Ramayan’ is being broadcasted once again on Doordarshan after 33 years. Earlier it was reported that ‘Ramayan’ had become the most viewed program worldwide. The final episode of ‘GoT’ brought in a series record of 19.3 million viewers but that record was broken by ‘Ramayan’. But, looks like there as has been a glitch and the world record is not true.

On the morning of 2 May, DD National tweeted, “Thanks to all our viewers!! #RAMAYAN – WORLD RECORD!! Highest Viewed Entertainment Program Globally.” The accompanying video stated that the 16 April telecast of the mythological show was watched by 77 million viewers worldwide, making it the most-viewed episode of TV ever. An infographic compared Ramayan with Game of Thrones (17.4m) and The Big Bang Theory (18m).”

Now,  ‘Ramayan’ might have beaten ‘Game of Thrones’ in viewership but that still doesn’t make it the world record holder. However, it is now revealed that the most-watched entertainment show in the world was a beloved sitcom, M*A*S*H*, that was called by many as the best sitcom ever. According to a report on livemint, the finale of the sitcom, aired in 1983 and it had as many as 106 million viewers.

As the re-runs began, Doordarshan’s viewership rose exponentially. From 9 million in the second half of January, it went to 545 million in the last week of March. “These were the highest numbers we’d seen in the past five years,” said Romil Ramgarhia who is the COO of Broadcast Audience Research Centre (BARC), the official TRP measuring agency in India. “Not even a sporting event [like IPL] comes close.”

It seems while making the claim of the “world record”, Doordarshan referred to the 2018 report by Glance. “Looking at it, Ramayan has done better than any entertainment show across the world,” says Ramgarhia. BARC claims it has no idea what basis Doordarshan made its world record claim on. “We hadn’t even mentioned Game of Thrones,” says Ramgarhia. “They might have got that data from somewhere else.”

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